• Soilade

    The Gain Business Manager takes soil samples from paddocks throughout the farm & sends them for analysis - mineral & trace element levels are assessed.
    Usually returned within one week the results from the basis of ensuring soil fertility is optimal for quality grass growth.
    Where there are nutrient deficiencies in soils advice is given on the best approach to remedy any issues.

  • Forageade

    Home-saved forage is sampled & analysed.
    Results are given for Protein, pH, DMD, ash, NDF & PDIN, PDIE, PDIA and likely performance for different group of animals.
    Results are fed into the feed formulation programme.

  • Pastureade

    The Gain Business Manager walks the farm with the farmer to determine the grass platform on-farm.
    Grass is measured & growth chartered so that grass management decisions can be made.
    A mineral profile of the grazing platform can be determined by using fresh grass samples.

  • Rumenade

    Gain Business Manager formulates diets for group of animals on the farm - 2 Rumenade programmes are available, one for dairy and one for beef.
    Using real data on the analysis of home-saved forages & raw materials available on farm this diet is totally customised.
    Feeding rates & margin over feed is calculated for all feed formulations.

  • Healthade

    Establish the current herd health status using bulk tank milk screening.
    Develop an action plan based on the milk screening results with farmer's own veterinary surgeon and Glanbia's veterinary surgeon.
    Prevent/control disease risks on the farm.

  • Milkade

    A unique programme which tracks a farmer's milk supply and solids over time & plots against Glanbia's creamery milk production targets.
    Graphs are produced showing supply patterns over time.
    Any issues with supply profile e.g. negative change in solids - are addressed with the Business Manager to optimise performance.