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Heifer nutrition is vital for sustained steady growth and development. Dry cow management is vital for sustaining herd health and longevity. These feeds prepare the animal for lactation by building body reserves of essential trace elements thereby helping to prevent calving difficulties, retained after-birth, uterine infections and lactation metabolic diseases.The aim should be to dry off and calve down at a Body Condition Score (BCS) of 3.0 for the Holstein. BCS above 3.5 will lead to reduced lactation feed intake, excessive body weight mobilisation and increased risk of ketosis and liver problems.

  • Heifer Developer

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    • 18% high quality protein
    • Designed to allow dairy replacements reach their potential
    • Promotes frame growth and helps avoid over conditioning
    • Live-yeast, stabilises rumen on high sugar/starch diets, improves FCE and ADG.

  • Pre-Calver Activator

    Feed 1-2kg once a day for 4-6 weeks pre-calving to “prime” the high performance cow for lactation.

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    • Top-spec Precalver mineral included with Mg, P, Bioplex Cu, Zn, Mn, Sel-Plex Se, and vitamin E
    • Yea-Sacc live yeast helps stabilise the digestive system for a smooth transition from pregnancy to lactation

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