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Max Profit feeds were introduced to the Gain range in 2008 to meet the requirements of milk producers looking for high-quality balancer products, without the added benefit of the TNT ingredients which were traditionally present in Gain balancers, as in some instances producers want to top-dress their own mineral and vitamin mixtures.
At 24% and 28% max profit balancer are available and have proven quite popular since their introduction. Farmers can be confident of the high quality raw materials and specification of these feeds.
Gain Max Profit 24 Nuts

  • Max Profit 28 Nuts

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    • 24% protein
    • High in native cereals
    • Formulated with maize for added performance

  • Max Profit 24 Nuts

    Max Profit 24 Dairy Nuts are a Soya-based, high-Energy feed to complement maize silage, wholecrops, beet and cereal grains.

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    • Maize meal, native cereals and quality proteins included for high performance
    • Novatan protein protector increases milk yields and protein % by improving total diet protein utilisation
    • Amaferm rumen modifier increases milk yield by increasing feed efficiency
    • Protected minerals (bioplex copper, zinc, manganese and selplex selenium) improve mineral availability
    • High vitamin e level helps boost cow’s antioxidant status and immunity against mastitis and high scc

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