Useful Dairy Nutrition Advice for the Breeding Season

Useful Dairy Nutrition Advice for the Breeding Season

Farmers need to strong pay attention to the body condition of their cows this spring and focus on energy intake.

Nutrition advice

Its important to look at how much forage and concentrates are being offered and the quality of what’s being offered. To ensure adequate energy intake pay particular attention to both grass quality and quantity. Concentrates are going to be required to bridge the energy gap along with good quality silage if available. At this stage energy is more important than protein in the concentrate. In general grass is much higher in protein at this time of the year with grass on many farms at 22-23% protein. Therefore energy should be the main focus in the cow’s diet.

Minerals and Cal-mag

It’s important that the requirements of the cows match the feeding levels for both minerals and Cal-mag. Ensure that the cows are being adequately fed through grass and other supplements i.e. concentrates and forage. After that look at the minerals being offered. Many minerals are very important in regards to resumption of cyclicity, overall fertility and animal health. Ensure that cows are also getting adequate levels of Cal-mag.

If you notice that some cows are not cycling pay particular attention to body condition score and assess this on farm. Provide attention to thin animals and ensure they are getting enough dry matter in-take. It’s important to consider that energy is more important in the diet than protein. Make sure that cows are getting an adequate amount of minerals in their concentrate feeds to boost fertility.

Spring breeding advice;

  • Access the body condition of all cows and pay attention to thin cows. Cow with a BCS of <2.5 will have a lower success rate in terms of fertility
  • Look at the energy balance of the cows. Are they adequately fed and getting sufficient minerals into the diet
  • Take note of cows that are cycling and those that are not. If cows are not cycling make sure to get them checked

GAIN Spring Breeder is a 14% Innovative pasture supplement with protein protection which supports milk solids and fertility. It has a slow-release energy level which promotes high grass intakes and high milk solids output. High-Digestible-Fibre level helps prevent Acidosis and low milk-fat on low-fibre lush spring grass.Maize Meal provides rumen-bypass starch to help promote milk protein production. Novatan Protein Protector increases protein available for milk protein production and protected minerals improve availability on rapid-throughput grass based diets.

  • Bioplex protected Copper and Manganese guarantees availability to help support fertility.
  • Bioplex protected Zinc helps support hoof and udder health.
  • Selplex protected Selenium helps improve cell counts (SCC), mastitis and fertility.
  • Full rate minerals included in 2.5kg daily feed.
  • Calcined Magnesite 2oz/2.5kg helps prevent Grass Tetany.

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