Nutritional Updates

Useful weekly updates covering a number of relevant farm related topics.

  • How to Avoid Lameness in your Herd

    The above video describes what farmers should be looking out for in trying to avoid lameness in their cows.

  • Develop a Healthy Rumen - Maximise Growth Rates

    The above video describes the steps in developing a healthy rumen to maximise growth rates.

  • Key Products in Gain Dairy Nuts Range

    The above video describes the key products in the Gain Dairy Nuts Range.

  • Animal Health and Infectious Diseases

    The above video describes diseases that affect cows and how Bulk Milk Screening can identify certain diseases.

  • Early Lactation Management

    Some important tips in regards to managing cows in early lactation

  • Paul Hough Heifer Rearing Update

    Glanbia Heifer Rearing Monitor Farm Update February 2016