• Agolin

    Agolin is a blend of high quality plant extracts designed to optimise the cow's feed intake, FCE and therefore production performance. Agolin alters the rumen bacterial population to: lower levels of dietary energy lost from the rumen as methane by 25% and lower the amount of dietary protein converted to ammonia by 10%. Increase FCE and milk yield. Trials in the UK using Agolin Ruminant with 240 dairy cows have shown: 3% increase in feed intake and 5% increase in milk yield.

  • Sel-plex and Bio-Plex

    IN general minerals fed to dairy cows are in an inorganic form. Due to natural interactions of minerals within the cow’s digestive system, a lot of these minerals are lost to the cow and excreted without being absorbed. Bioplex1 & Sel-plex1 minerals featured in the Gain Feed range are protected from these interactions and have much better levels of availability than inorganic minerals. Bioplex1 protected copper and zinc refuel the cow’s mineral reserves to help prevent deficiencies. Sel-plex1 protected selenium, combined with extra Vitamin E, helps to boost immunity, improve somatic cell count (SCC) and fertility. Research has show that through better fertility performance, less lameness, less mastitis and lower levels of SCC that feeding protected minerals is worth €50/cow/ year, or 1c/litre for a cow milking 5,000 litres.

  • Amaferm

    Amaferm is a natural feed additive that boosts the digestibility of fibre by stimulating rumen fungi and fibre digesting bacteria. Improved fibre digestion contributes to better feed conversion efficiency (FCE), improved feed intake and higher milk yields. Extracting the maximum nourishment from the diet is a prerequisite to achieving good feed efficiency and profitable milk production. While fibre is a major part of ruminant diets (40% to 45% NDF), it is poorly digested and utilised. Improving fibre digestibility will allow higher dry matter intakes and, therefore, energy intakes, ultimately allowing higher milk yields. Results from 18 scientific Amaferm studies, with cows in early, mid and late lactation, show an average increase in DMI of 0.5kg/day and a milk yield increase of 4.8% (1.4 litres/cow).

  • Novatan

    Novatan is a blend of essential oil that modifies rumen nitrogen fermentation, promoting more PDIE production, improving food conversion efficiency, milk yield and milk protein percentage. With GAIN Feed’s industry leading emphasis on PDI and the use of Novatan, we can balance your cows’ diet. Milk production is coming from a better balanced dietary protein and not an increase in dietary crude protein and, therefore, will not lead to excessive BCS loss and its knock-on effects. Extensive research trials with Novatan have shown increased milk yield of 1.5 to 2.5litres and milk protein of 0.1% to 0.2%.

  • Carneo

    Carneo is a new beef-specific in-feed rumen modifier which is developed by Techna Nutrition in France. Its unique to Gain Beef Feeds and has two potent active ingredients: 1. Essential Oils – Increase Propionic Acid VFA in rumen. Reduce Methane (CH4) energy loss for rumen. 2. Yeast – stabilises rumen ph. and stimulates fibre digestion. Carneo ensures feed Intake increases and stabilises and can deliver liveweight gain increases of 50-150 g/day. Carneo boost fed for 100 days gives €30 extra profit per animal.