About Gain

GAIN Animal Nutrition is Ireland’s biggest selling animal feed brand, providing complete nutrition for a wide range of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. The GAIN Animal Nutrition Feed range provide total nutrition feed options for dairy, beef, cattle and sheep.

How we make it

Our feeds are produced in UFAS quality approved mills. Using the latest technology and nutritional research, together with the finest, fully traceable ingredients, Gain® Feeds offer high-quality, consistent and nutritious feeds to our customers. We are supported by an experienced technical team providing the latest knowledge in animal nutrition.

What our customers say

Tom Walsh, farmer and Gain Ruminant Feeds customer from Co. Kilkenny

Our expert team

Gain Ruminant Team

The GAIN Animal Nutrition Team consists of 36 qualified business managers and an expert nutrition team who offer quality advice and guidance to farmers. The GAIN Business Manager team ensures that farmers maximise their on farm efficiencies, profitability and productivity.

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